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ViewForce™ ACCR ViewForce™ ALPR GateForce™ ALPR ScaleForce™ ALPR MobileForce ALPR SmartPhone Apps
ViewForce ACCR ViewForce ALPR GateForce ALPR ScaleForce ALPR MobileForce ALPR SmartPhone Apps

ViewForce™ ALPR – Traffic Monitor and Analysis System

EverView’s ViewForce™ Traffic Monitor and Analisys System - is a complete solution for highway, commercial or residentional traffic monitor and analitical needs. Log in and view your system and all associated camera areas at any time via secure internet access – see all activity in real time, anytime. All activity is also recorded automatically, day and night, immediately logged for access and review with EverView’s ‘Activity Report’ – including captured images. This easy to use and install system includes many other advanced features including:

o Image capture automatically with built-in motion sensor – configurable for a specific area
o Activity alert notification is configurable for sending captured images & note via SMS Messaging and e-mail
o Live View Camera Access from anywhere in the world via secure credentials
o Review/print/email “Activity Report” with captured images for specific date or date range interface
o Day & Night IR Indoor & Outdoor Cameras enabling video/picture capture in all lighting conditions

Intelligent Features Make ViewForce a Powerful Tool

ViewForce™ ALPR Solution – is designed for easy installation and support, providing a highly configurable platform in an economical package and flexibility to interface with the other traffic analytical and law enforcement equipment. It is a highly scalable system. This basic system consists of the following components:

ALPR / ANPR ViewForce
ALPR Camera (Highspeed)
• ViewForce™ ALPR Server
• EverView Reports
• ViewForce Notification System
• Two licenses of the ViewForce ALPR Client Application
• Triggering device

ViewForce™ ALPR Applications

• highway toll collection
• traffic analysis and weight in motion
• police law enforcement
• state border control
• enforcement of traffic regulations
• vehicle theft prevention
• assests protection
• automation of airport, harbour and warehouse logistics
• security monitoring of roads and checkpoints
• vehicle surveillance

For pricing please E-mail to: sales@everviewinc.com
For technical info please E-mail to: info@everviewinc.com